Will you gain weight from diet soda

By | February 19, 2021

will you gain weight from diet soda

Joe Swash Joe Swash has shared his regrets over missing time with his eldest son Harry because of the relationship he had with his ex Emma Sophocleous. This story originally appeared on The Sun. May 14, But mostly, it’s because emerging research suggests the fake stuff can have some of the same drawbacks as real sugar —like being not so great for our waistlines. A new study is linking drinking multiple artificially sweetened drinks a day with greater risk of heart attack and stroke. Sylvetsky said the findings are important because nearly one in three kids in the U. Tell us what you think Soda, both regular and even diet, can be sweet, bubbly, and yummy. She said kids and teenagers — as well as adults — should aim to drink more water instead of soft drinks and eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. This Morning Ruth Langsford spoke to the This Morning studio after her unceremonious sacking, leaving viewers cringing as she “ignored” her replacement, Alison Hammond.

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CNN In the black hole of bad news for diet soda lovers, there’s a tiny glimmer of light. More Videos Study: Artificial sweeteners linked to higher stroke risk The gloom set in when science showed drinking diet soda could lead to metabolic syndrome, a nasty mix of higher blood pressure and blood sugars that leads to weight gain and increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. What makes soda so addictive? But a new study has found that it’s when you pair the common artificial sweetener sucralose with a carbohydrate — not the sweetener alone — that the body’s metabolism changes in a way that can lead to metabolic syndrome. Theoretically, that means you could enjoy a sucralose-sweetened diet soda without negatively changing your body’s metabolism if you drank it all by itself — as long as it wasn’t too close to eating a carb, of course. That sweet drink may age you. First, the study only looked at one artificial sweetener — sucralose. There are dozens of other artificial sweeteners that might affect the metabolism differently.

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