Why cant i stick to any diet

By | June 1, 2021

why cant i stick to any diet

Your ultimate goal should be to keep focusing on any underlying problematic eating habits and keep tackling those, rather than simply fixating on what the scales is saying. No one knows if you keep them or not…so you hardly ever do. But when you go on a diet and the diet fails, you believe you are the failure and blame yourself. I’ve tried Erin’s plan, and the results have been amazing. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. Ready to feel in control of food and feel good about your body? From being CONSUMED by working out and her struggle with her body and food to living in flow and having it totally easy in this department so she can focus on other things in life.

People approach me seeking support for a fresh approach to help them tackle overeating, lose weight and find a long-term solution. Many people feel that in order to control their food intake they need to put themselves on a diet. The problem is that many people go on diets without really tackling their underlying eating habits. Many diet clubs have weekly weight loss as their main focus, but they might not offer an opportunity for members to explore and address their relationship with food. Eating can become an alternative activity to or diversion from dealing with unpleasant feelings or challenging situations- it can be a knee-jerk reaction when things get difficult, and may prevent us from dealing with problems. It can feel very liberating once a person starts to understand and address their relationship with food. This is what can keep people trapped in yo-yo dieting. For more information about my various talks click HERE.

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