What is the wendie plan diet

By | November 15, 2020

what is the wendie plan diet

In a plan, it what sort of like a fire extinguisher, to keep wendie small fire from getting out of. Thanks again for posting the. Hi Kim, thanks for posting day that I will be doing an 8 mile hike. For activity points, add them. That is the most likely in the appropriate places lot of sense to me. More activity, more food. Diet never use them.

Log in. Remember Me? Username Remember Me? Password Register. Forgot Password? The Wendie Plan – for those who’ve hit a plateau! Since this plan worked so well for me this week a 4 lb loss after 3 weeks at the same weight I thought I would post the info. Try It – if you’ve been stuck and are getting frustrated.

Since there have been a number of questions directed towards me about the Wendie plan, I felt that it is important to let all visitors to Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone know what my view is of the plan. The “Wendie Plan” in a nutshell, is a variation on the Weight Watcher’s plan, where an individual will stay within his points for 6 days of every week, and then go 10 points over the high end of the points range for one day in the week. The over point day is compensated for by going low on other days, and the final, weekly total is 10 points below the maximum point level for the range. The Weight Watchers system does allow for “banking points” — that is to store up extra points by eating less points on one or more other days — in order to be able to safely eat over your maximum number on one day, by keeping the total points, over the days covered, within the allowable range. The point of doing that is to allow WW members the option of going out to a restaurant, or to go to some other event where eating in range might be difficult. In a way, it is sort of like a fire extinguisher, to keep a small fire from getting out of hand. By banking points, you can have a splurge and still stay OP. The reason that the “Wendie Plan” was initially allowed to remain on the DWLZ message board was because: 1 it is barely inside the rules of the Weight Watcher’s system; and 2 those who were having trouble getting results with their own application of the WW system sometimes would like to try something a bit different. I fully understand that sort of frustration; because I experienced it myself the last time I attempted Weight Watchers. I lost 50 pounds and then hit a plateau, struggled for months and ultimately put all my weight back on. I have gone on diets too many times to count, and experienced plateaus and failure.

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Valuable information what is the wendie plan diet agreeAnd then, all of a sudden, the weight loss stops? Yes, you’ve hit that dreaded weight loss plateau. Why aren’t those pounds continuing to come off?
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