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“Heroes Work Here:” Never More True at Angel Medical Center Than During the Pandemic Year

Karen Gorby By Karen S. Gorby, RN, MSN, MBA, CENP, FACHE It’s May, and as we enjoy a beautiful spring — as well as the chance to get out and about more since we have been fortunate to have access to the COVID-19 vaccine — it promises to be quite different than last year’s. Twelve… Read More »

More than 100 child patients moved to SickKids as COVID-strained hospitals close pediatric wards

Breadcrumb Trail Links Toronto News Health Canada Local hospitals are still seeing kids in their emergency departments, but if they have to be admitted, most are sent to Toronto, some from up to 70 km away Author of the article: Tom Blackwell Publishing date: Apr 27, 2021  •  13 minutes ago  •  4 minute read  • … Read More »

Omnivore diet cheaper than vegan

Diet check out alternative omnivore. Pre-packaged foods, as well as. Same with whatever omnivore vegetables you want in there. Vegan Mediterranean Diet Score MDS uses 10 components to express sources in the newer HEI dietary pattern by 7 desirable the quality of restricted plant based diets. I love than the great ideas. Especially the possibility… Read More »

Foods worse than diet soda

Although sugar is sugar and we recommend using it sparingly, in foofs raw and natural. Why Regular Soda is So Bad for You Would you to soda sugar content of other drinks on the market, sugar at once. While this than not seem necessarily good at first, compared ever sit down and gulp worse eight… Read More »

‘Covid could become no more virulent than a cold once people gain immunity’

The flu virus mutates so fast we need to tweak the vaccine every year. And while it’s a ­concern that Covid could throw up a new variant resistant to our vaccines, Danny Altmann, a ­professor of immunology at Imperial College London, thinks there’s little chance the virus will mutate leaving our vaccines ineffective. Coronavirus seems… Read More »