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Diabetes symptoms: Four ‘common warning signs’ of high blood sugar – ‘It’s an epidemic’

Diabetes is a very common medical condition, and lots of people may be living their daily lives without even knowing they’re affected. Express.co.uk reveals the most common warning signs of diabetes, according to a doctor. Most diabetes patients have type 2 diabetes, which is where the body struggles to convert sugar into energy. The body… Read More »

Do diet sodas have sugar

It seems to contradict the laws of physics. Regular sodas are full of calories, per can and up. Diet sodas have zero calories. So it seems logical that replacing one with the other should help you lose weight, or at least stay the same weight. But no–several studies have proved conclusively that drinking diet soda… Read More »

Meddtteranean diet carbs sugar

July 28, at AM. Problem I have is eating enough calories, so I continue to lose weight! Jennifer Eloff. It also helps you feel full for longer so be more generous. February 3, at PM. Baba Ganoush Eggplant dip. Most starchy vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. I am not diabetic or pre-diabetic… Read More »