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Top Picks for Meditation Location in the US for a Person with Disability

Advertisements Living with a disability is not always easy. But that does not mean you cannot live a fulfilled and enjoyable life. One of the best ways to overcome challenges is by cultivating a meditation practice. What is meditation? Most people think of meditation as sitting barefoot, legs crossed and chanting ‘ohm’ for hours. Well,… Read More »

‘I was the kind of person who was constantly busy’ – One of Ireland’s earliest Covid cases still suffering symptoms one year on

A woman who was among the earliest Covid cases in the country is still experiencing intense symptoms one year after her diagnosis. oife Moore, 38, a mother-of-two from east Galway, is one of thousands of people across Ireland suffering from what is known as “long Covid”. Her life has been upended since she first began… Read More »

Can a person on keto diet hve oats

Oatmeal is made of oats, known as Oats sativa to botanists. If you fall into the latter category — and you love oatmeal — you may be able to eat a small amount, depending on the other foods you eat throughout the day. The same goes for its can as a weight-loss diet, for which… Read More »