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Does diet drinks cause gout

The review found that serum uric acid drinks rose in proportion to the number of soft drinks consumed per day. Beer was named the drink most likely to cause gout, but other alcoholic beverages also does a risk. The cause at a higher risk for the disease are males, postmenopausal women and people who drink… Read More »

Can keto diet affect gout flare ups

I want to reiterate, for me. Shrimp was a huge no-no for me. I had benefited from your website and saw you being bullied in this particular comment section, so I just want to give my support. La viande barbecue est bien aussi. Is keto good for rheumatoid arthritis? It consists of mostly plants, non… Read More »

Pre diabetic and gout diet

Serum uric acid concentration in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus during diet or glibenclamide therapy. Impact of sex on uric acid levels and its relationship with the extent of coronary artery disease: a single-centre study. In this context, we aimed to assess the relationship between SUA and fasting blood glucose FBG levels in non-diabetic… Read More »