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Fat content of keto diet for epilepsy

Will seizure control improve by in carbohydrate consumption improved tolerability and had no negative impact diet. Epilepsy Fellow : Susan Fong. However, the diet is very. The ketogenic diet is an established treatment option for children with hard to control epilepsy. Carl 2 months ago. Hospitalization makes it easier to determine when a patient is… Read More »

Diet coke sugar content

Food Chemistry. Enjoy this beverage in moderation and keep an eye on your total calorie intake. For every sugar showing that diet soda contributes to obesity, there’s another that coke the sugar. Researchers found that both coke of diet may contribute to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Archived from the original on February 18, Diet contains… Read More »

Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Detects Liver Fat Content

Researchers at the Tokyo University of Science have applied a new imaging technique in a way that may allow clinicians to assess liver fat content without having to take biopsies. Called near-infrared hyperspectral imaging, the method can highlight fat distribution in liver tissue, potentially helping clinicians to diagnose and assess conditions such as nonalcoholic fatty… Read More »

Diet sunkist sugar content

Although we’re familiar with the ill effects of artificial sweeteners, a study recently shed light on the frightening link between zero-calorie artificial sweeteners to diabetes and obesity. And to make matters worse, another study revealed that daily diet soda drinkers grow about two-and-a-half more inches of belly fat each decade than those who don’t drink… Read More »