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Coconut water and ic diet

Wanted to share my story in the hopes it will help someone else This time I felt as if an infection was coming on, but it never did. Had my urine tested twice and no bacteria. I felt the urge to pee constantly, and though it was not painful, it was VERY uncomfortable. All day,… Read More »

Coconut water only diet

They are easy to carry and will make sure you stand out from the crowd! Zodiac signs who demand too much attention in a relationship. A true feast and explosion of flavors. A coconut water fast will repair and remineralize all the tissues in your body. The last few months even wearing those for a… Read More »

Is coconut on the keto diet

A low-carb diet helps people achieve stable weight loss results. Instead, opt for these nutritious choices when following keto. Keep in mind that compared to other liquid sweeteners like maple syrup or agave, coconut nectar is more expensive. So some people who have trouble digesting other types of fat like people who have gallbladder problems,… Read More »