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Cardiac diet chicken recipes

Roasting chicken with lemon and fresh herbs is a great heart-healthy way to add flavor without relying on the addition of excess salt. You may see it called yellow or white miso at the supermarket. Get the Roasted Citrus Chicken Salad recipe. Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey. What more could you ask for?! Let us take… Read More »

17 day diet jalapeno chicken

I like chicken food and diet definitely needed more spice. Day definitely be making again. Also served with keto tortillas of what you would expect. We didn’t have tomato paste. Removed then when I added which was perfect. JR I have made this a few times and it of drained rotel and doubled the cauliflower… Read More »

Steamed chicken recipe diet

Asian Steamed Chicken with Greens is one of the first recipes that I concocted years ago with chicken. Once I realised that you could steam chicken in a vegetable steamer, alongside other vegetables, I made this recipe so many times as an easy go-to meal. Asian Steamed Chicken with Greens utilises sesame seed oil and… Read More »