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Whiskey low carb diabetic diet

Share Follow us The liver metabolizes alcohol immediately because it can’t be stored in the body. Although ketosis and fat burning stop while alcohol is being processed, the effect is short-lived. However, some people may find that they lose weight more effectively if they abstain from drinking. The carb and calorie counts of different alcoholic… Read More »

Low carb diet to correct insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a very common condition that often accompanies obesity or a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS, cardiovascular disease, and other metabolic conditions such as hypertension and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Also concerning? How do you know if you are affected? And what can you do about it? This… Read More »

Nutrient goals for low carb diet

Frontiers for Endocrinology Long-term effects of a novel continuous remote care nutrient including nutritional carb for the management of type 2 diabetes: a 2-year non-randomized clinical trial [nonrandomized trial; weak evidence]. Luckily I watched the Peter Mosley programme on 60mins the diet that changed my life!! After a shared decision-making process with the patient, there… Read More »

Low carb high grain diet

Whole grains are better for your health than refined grains. By now you must have realized, that you can make a plant-based rice alternative out of just about any vegetable. Metabolism A whole-grain diet reduces peripheral insulin resistance and improves glucose kinetics in obese adults: A randomized-controlled trial [moderate evidence]. Keto BLT with cloud bread.… Read More »