Olympian Gen Gregson: ‘Running is truly my escape’

By | March 29, 2021

If it’s true that all good things come in threes, and it’s true that good things come to those who wait, then 2021 is shaping as a bumper year for Genevieve Gregson. Because the Australian athlete has done more than her fair share of waiting for her chance to compete in her third Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Almost 12 months ago exactly, the Aussie steeplechase specialist was preparing to board a plane to Tokyo, only for the 2020 Olympics to become the first to be postponed in the Games’ 125-year modern history.

Her plans thrown suddenly into chaos, Gregson – like so many of us – had to redefine her goals in 2020. And again, like so many of, she found solace in family.

“What I learnt about myself is that I am a very goal oriented person. I strive for what’s next and that’s what allows me to stay so driven and motivated,” she tells Health Hacker.

“I also learnt that family time makes my heart feel complete. My husband and I travel 11 months of the year and we usually only have one month to see family.

“These past 12 months I had more time than ever to pull back a little and spend time with my family and I realised I don’t get to enjoy them enough.”

But that doesn’t mean the 31-year-old hasn’t been busy preparing for her delayed Olympic moment.

The two-time Olympic finalist has plans for a podium this year and she know the only way to get there is through pounding that pavement.

And you don’t need to be wearing an Olympic tracksuit to follow her lead. Study after study has found exercise is an effective treatment for a host a mental health issues, aiding in depression and anxiety, or simply acting as serotonin-boosting mood lifter.

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So whether she’s running for the Olympics or simply running around her local park, one thing is certain: Gregson will be running.

“Running is truly my escape,” she says.

“I am my best self mentally when I am training each day. Whether it’s aiming for the Olympics or staying fit on holiday, running is what keeps my anxiety levels low and positivity high, no matter what life stresses I am facing.”


A motto to live by:

“Find the love and passion in what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life. My job is to run but it’s also my passion, and not a day goes by that I don’t love everything about what I do for a living.”

The power of routine:

“I am such a structured person, I always have been. To get the most out of my day I just need a rough plan. It doesn’t require an alarm or an early wake up, just a schedule of what I want to achieve. Though it always starts with a coffee and breakfast, and ends with a hearty dinner.”

The perfect diet:

“I like to make sure I am fulfilling as many components to my diet each day as possible. I think as an athlete, a balanced diet is crucial so I emphasise all food groups. So that means a plate with protein, carbs and good fats.”


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