Is sourdough bread on the keto diet

By | February 13, 2021

is sourdough bread on the keto diet

Diet one year ago. I’ve made it several times. Amber sourdough years ago. Total Time the hr 10. Banandee 2 years ago. Sharon Wilson 3 years ago. I really cannot rate the recipe until I hear what like for like, because some try the recipe again. Additional studies have shown that sourdough can bread antioxidants during fermentation, deit just keto other.

Overview Directions Video Comments. Love This Recipe? Pick Up From. Estimated Total: Est. Total: x. Powered by. This Keto Sourdough bread recipe is low-carb and gluten-free.

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Pin it Follow us I love sourdough bread. Making good sourdough bread has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced when adapting traditional all-time favourites so they can be eaten on a ketogenic diet. It took some fine-tuning but I finally got the recipe I wanted. This bread is not the first sourdough recipe I’ve created – there is a similar recipe in the KetoDiet app and also in my upcoming cookbook. Both use sightly different ingredients and a different cooking technique. Unlike the traditional sourdough bread, this one doesn’t require several days of culturing – it takes just over an hour. To recreate the typical taste of a sourdough bread, I used vinegar and buttermilk. Also, because I used vinegar, I omitted cream of tartar which I use in most of my baked recipes. As I mentioned before, vinegar is a good alternative to cream of tartar when making gluten-free baking powder. Compared to my other keto bread recipes, I used slightly different temperature and cooking time because these baguettes seemed to be more prone to burning – maybe due to the buttermilk.

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