How to safely cut meat from diet

By | April 18, 2021

how to safely cut meat from diet

Whether you’re thinking of going vegetarian or vegan or just trying to eat way less meat, these tips can help you do it in a healthy and sustainable way. An app like Wholesome can help you log what you eat every day, and it’ll tell you how close you are to your daily recommended allowance of each nutrient. It can also give you tips for which foods you might want to eat to hit the nutrients you’re low on. Pictured above are cheesy black-bean—stuffed sweet potatoes with poached eggs, which come with 19 grams of protein and calories. Some examples: “If you’re making beef patties for the grill, add in a handful of lentils to the beef mixture, and that way you’re easing your taste buds into the taste a bit,” Sharda says. Or if you’re going to make a chili, use less ground beef and double the amount of beans you’d normally use. Or when you’re making tacos, use less meat and add in a can of lentils. You get the idea. Pictured above is an easy vegetarian chili that you can ease into if you’d like. They’re also a really easy way to add more fruits, veggies, and protein to your diet without having to try so hard. Not that there’s anything wrong with protein powder.

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