How to put your chihuahua on a diet

By | March 9, 2021

how to put your chihuahua on a diet

Call us: Help, My Chihuahua is Fat! Overview The Chihuahua is such a small dog that even an extra pound can make a huge different in the dog’s appearance. Puppies are supposed to have a rounded body; extra layers of fat are important as fuel reserves. As the pup matures, he will have a sleeker, leaner appearance. Dogs under the age of 1 year old should not be put on a diet unless directed by a reputable veterinarian. Many owners want their dog to eat what seems to be a good amount of food. The problem is that what seems like a decent serving is actually too much for this breed.

Feeding Time Tips Set a relaxed feeding schedule so that your Chihuahua knows about when a meal is coming but does not become a pest as the clock strikes 5 pm. And our dog is a larger chihuahua. Donna October 14, Reply. Stephanie February 22, Reply. She is having breathing problems. What kind of Dog food did you end up putting him on after you took him off of Beniful? I do please help his name is jigs. An active 5-pound Chihuahua burns almost three times the amount of calories per pound than a dog weighing pounds, says Dan Carey, D.

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Caroline July 5, Reply. How much of each ingredient did you use? She will bark and cry until they just give in to her. Love my girl! Also take into account the dogs life stage and activity level. Heaviest Shea ever been. Chihuahuas are notoriously picky eaters, a tendency that may be what got your dog chihuayua its current state of obesity.

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