High protein diet causing soft cat poop

By | December 1, 2020

high protein diet causing soft cat poop

Metronidazole Flagyl usually clears things up within a day, but then anywhere from 1 to 3 months later these dogs get diarrhea again. She said he may need more fiber. Miralax has been the other big breakthrough for Sosa. I talked to a high end pet store and they recommended Primal Freeze dry raw, which you re-hydrate with warm water. Post to Cancel. This is such a flying blind thing. Best wishes! Some nights she would just sit in the hallway and vocalize all night.

Is it too soft, too hard, too smelly, too frequent, in the wrong place? I think just about every consult I had in my referral practice was either about poop, or poop would get worked into the discussion somehow. My cats, though, are a different story. I know that the youngest one, Loki 1, gets diarrhea if he eats too much canned cat food or with certain brands of dry cat food, but he can eat small amounts of people foods without ill effect; the oldest one, Oliver 17, gets colitis if he eats the wrong variety of canned food but seems to do well with just about any dry foods; and my middle cat, Cosette 3, has an iron stomach and has had perfect poops since we brought her home as a kitten no matter the diet. And yes, I can identify each of their poops in the litter boxes and know that Cosette and Loki like to poop in one box and pee in another, but that anything goes with the third box. I also know that the old man of the bunch has pretty bad arthritis and long hair so he occasionally gets hangers-on because he stands instead of squats now. TMI with the litter box habits, but if other pet owners can share with me I should be able to share with you, too. So what causes diarrhea and how can you as a caregiver decrease the risk that you will be cleaning it up off laundry room floor? The first thing to understand is roughly how the gastrointestinal tract works. The basic idea is that the process of digestion begins in the stomach with acid and enzymes breaking down proteins. In the upper small intestine the duodenum, the pancreas releases bicarbonate to neutralize the acid and additional enzymes to continue the protein breakdown as well as start digestion of fats and carbohydrates. The gall bladder also releases bile into the duodenum at the same time to allow fat to be absorbed.

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It has now pretty much full blown for at least months. Soooo, I called the vet and asked about getting the HF29 bag replaced with a new one — fearing a tainted batch of food. But it was still painful Large breed tend to do better with more soluble and insoluble fiber in their diets and animals with constipation do better with less insoluble and more soluble fiber. Accept Learn More. Kris, I too would worry about the hard stools and meowing. In addition to being an efficient diet that fuels your cat without fluff, the food contains an array of probiotics, which may help to support digestive health.

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