High fat diet and leptin and thyroid

By | August 25, 2020

high fat diet and leptin and thyroid

HPA axis programming by maternal undernutrition in the male rat offspring. Means were compared using unpaired Student’s t -tests for comparisons between two groups, and one-way ANOVA for comparisons among multiple groups. The prevalence and impact of overweight and obesity in an Australian obstetric population. Product purity was confirmed by agarose gel analysis. To accomplish that, we carried out a thorough dissection of 24 rats 12 controls and 12 HF. It does not constitute medical advice. These findings indicate that the changes in ER dilation may be associated with enhanced ER stress in thyrocytes induced by high-fat lard feeding. Neonatal hyperleptinaemia programmes adrenal medullary function in adult rats: effects on cardiovascular parameters.

Advance article alerts. Oxford Academic. Furthermore, we noticed disorganized cellular ultrastructure in the thyroid of high-fat lard fed rats. Mantzoros, H. Issue Section. Reinehr T Obesity and thyroid function. Table 3. Changes in maternal diet, leptin levels or nicotine exposure during lactation are stressful events, resulting in alterations in both the corticosterone and catecholamine levels of the offspring throughout life Vieau et al.

Additionally, avoiding fructose especially high fructose corn syrup can be helpful, as excess fructose consumption can contribute to leptin resistance. As shown in Figure 5A, the thyroid glands in the NC group showed a homogeneous appearance, while those in the HF group presented an enlarged thyroid with lower echotexture and relatively heterogeneous features. After 8 wk of ad libitum feeding either a regular chow or HF diet, both groups of rats were placed in the C. For these analyses, we used six mothers per group for each time point. The brain was collected for dissection of the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus, which was used to quantify leptin signalling proteins. Uddin, P. Horm Metab Res. Ultrasonographic assessment of the thyroid gland and adjacent anatomic structures in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins Tursiops aduncus Am J Vet Res. Thyroid hormone regulation by stress and behavioral differences in adult male rats. Synchronicity of frequently sampled thyrotropin TSH and leptin concentrations in healthy adults and leptin-deficient subjects: evidence for possible partial TSH regulation by leptin in humans.

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