Five day starvation diet box

By | September 16, 2020

five day starvation diet box

Alexis Wisniewski August 29, April 2, Health. The long-term health benefits are unbelievable. Anne put together four great DIY hacks for a fasting mimicking diet, but the Foodzie team recently agreed we want to do more for our readers. So here is our five-day, total DIY fasting mimicking diet plan. The first day, you get a few extra calories. The ProLon diet also introduces a glycerin energy drink for days two through five. You get a four ounce bottle each day, to mix into a big sports bottle of water and sip on throughout the day. Glycerol also stimulates the absorption of water, allowing your body to retain more than drinking water alone. The energy drink is worth 25 calories per day, so if you choose a powdered glycerol or other supplement, adjust calorie counts as needed. The powdered glycerol above has no calorie count, and the other energy drink supplement above is 25 calories per serving. Days three, four, and five look a lot like day two.

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