Sarahs Gone Missing Jacki Bishop


Published: July 15th 2015

Kindle Edition

267 pages


Sarahs Gone Missing  by  Jacki Bishop

Sarahs Gone Missing by Jacki Bishop
July 15th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 267 pages | ISBN: | 6.64 Mb

“My beautiful Sarah, I warned you!”Sarah awoke only to remember with horror her captor’s “visit” to her room, no bigger than a cell. Her body ached from rough treatment at the hands of her abductor.  If this atrocious act was meant to intimidate her, it had backfired. Sarah was motivated to escape more than ever.Although Sarah had feigned sleep while she was being raped, her mind was clear. She knew without a doubt who her abductor was.Sarah Justice was seething with anger.Barring her own ability to escape, Sarah could only hope her father, a federal judge, had the resources to find her.  Her kidnapping was probably connected to her father’s position.

He could order parole for an imprisoned felon who didn’t deserve to be released. Would he do that? Was he in danger?Sitting alone in her dark cell, Sarah contemplated all that had happened and knew she must keep a strong resolve and a clear head. Yet she struggled to ignore the questions that invaded her mind. Will I die here?  Will my captor come back every night?  Can I hold on?

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