Does doing hcg diet make you lose hair

By | December 28, 2020

does doing hcg diet make you lose hair

Robin, Yes, more laboratory testing would clarify what’s happening to the endocrine. I have completed courses of the HCG a few times since Dynette Clark November 24, at AM. For the benefit of readers reading – Norwood 6 and Norwood 7 are male pattern baldness scales and they are considered the most extreme baldness one can progress to. We have developed something better and easier: WAYT-less! Hi Susan! This makes me wonder if there is a way to test men and adjust hCG dosaging relative to Androgen hormones This is where cold therapy comes in. Should I cease the diet immediately, should I be taking the cortisol supplement? Keep in mind this is just hcgchica opinion okay?

The main difference is eating to hunger rather than force feeding or under eating. Anonymous July 31, at PM. I have read your book, and am working on that. I experienced no hair loss in round 1, but round 2 it was bad. If you could test leptin levels that would be awesome, however, I know it is more costly. Thanks for taking the time to write it! She’s the daughter of a trichologist and had hair per square centimeter counted. Oh no, my fear exactly. Robin, hope you’re well. Until then Although some of us did loose some hair, It mostly grew back. The HCG Diet.

I have done 4 rounds of hCG with at least 3 months inbetween rounds. I have not cheated. I don’t believe that it is the hCG that has caused hair loss for me each time, and each time more. I do believe that getting enough proper sleep and exercise is important to reduce stress levels while on this low calorie intake. I believe my hair loss was from too much coffee strong each day, broken sleep pattern due to my job, as well as no exercise to release the stresses of the day. THe first 3 times I did not take any supplements.

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