Diet pills for men

By | November 19, 2020

diet pills for men

Both are equally impressive. In the past, it has been women driving the majority of this giant industry. Because of this, weight-loss products were often aimed at women. However, that has slowly been changing over the last few years. The gap is closing in terms of gender-based statistics when it comes to obesity. In , the prevalence of obesity was only slightly higher in women Those aged 40—59

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Body transformation programmes sound impressive on paper, but the reality — sweaty gym kit, unidentifiable Tupperware stains and DOMS for days — is anything but. Getting into shape is a painstaking process at times. This is where weight loss pills come in, promising to supercharge your efforts and do the heavy lifting for you metaphorically speaking. And you can buy them at the same store that sells your protein powder. We look across the weight loss supplements you find in health shops, the anti-obesity drugs prescribed by your GP, and the black market products pushed by unregulated websites to unearth answers to some key questions: are any weight loss pills safe to use? How do they actually work? Drug companies have been producing weight loss pills since the late s. Then came the invention of 2,4-Dinitrophenol or DNP in the s; an industrial pesticide that still claims lives today — effectively boiling its victims from the inside-out — despite being banned for human consumption. By the s, amphetamines yes, speed were the diet pill du jour. A toxic but entirely legal combination of speed, meth, and dextroamphetamine called Obetrol became hugely popular among dieters. There was just one problem: the comedown.

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