Necessary Ends (The Shadowfast Supercar Driver Logs #2) James Mooneyham



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Necessary Ends (The Shadowfast Supercar Driver Logs #2)  by  James Mooneyham

Necessary Ends (The Shadowfast Supercar Driver Logs #2) by James Mooneyham
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 193 pages | ISBN: | 8.77 Mb

Growing up in perhaps the worst outlaw county to be found in 1970s America, teenager Jerry Staute and friends seem often to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or else hanging out with the wrong people). In Necessary Ends, the young men get a lesson in temptation from a wealthy psychopath- go toe to toe with a serial killer the law cant seem to contain- undertake a thousand mile high speed race with one home-built supercar, and one factory-made- and lastly, attempt a daring rescue of elderly and children from the midst of a raging forest fire.Inspired by actual people and events from the authors own personal life, Necessary Ends continues the saga of a young man growing up in the days before computers and the internet existed, when cars were one of the few technological platforms available for the hacking.

Living in one of the most corrupt and violent places in America, Jerry Staute often encountered desperate men, or others up to no good. His teenage hunger for excitement-- plus having a best friend who often led them into fantastic adventures of his own devising-- would end up bringing about some of the most exciting treks ever to be taken on American roads, and off.Necessary Ends also includes a wealth of technical details on the construction of Stautes original, one-of-a-kind, home-built supercar.

Learn for yourself the secrets of possibly the greatest supercar of the 20th century: and just maybe the only one that never failed to escape pursuit, lawful or otherwise.The secrets of outlaw drivers who were caught or crashed have long been available to the public and mainstream media. But what of those who avoided such ends? Those never forced to tell their stories under duress, having never been caught, arrested, or their cars impounded?

These are the stories of one such outlaw driver who apparently outdid all those others. Who-- 30 years later-- can finally reveal things no other outlaw driver ever has: like what happened to those who always got away-- and how they did it.Necessary Ends is the second book in The Shadowfast Supercar Driver Logs series.

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