Carnivore diet blood results

By | February 28, 2021

carnivore diet blood results

Meal after meal for well over a year. Not one bite from a plant. Not a piece of fruit, not a serving of vegetables, not an occasional treat. Nothing but meat and some eggs. And here are the results of my Carnivore Diet Blood work. When my test results arrived, they came with a warning from the facility to go see a doctor. This post has taken a long time to write. I started writing about lipids, attempting to describe the complex interplay of cholesterol and triglycerides in the metabolic machine, our bodies. But as I was weaving together the intricate interplay between my lipid panel, metabolic panel, and complete blood workup in an attempt to draw a coherent picture of the complex interactions of blood, hormones and lab values in the context of my carnivore diet and lifestyle, I realized what I really needed to write here. Because really this post is not about my carnivore diet blood work, nor is it about understanding all the biochemistry and physiology. So instead of painting a picture of my carnivore diet lab results, I want to show you the canvas and the frame, so you can be your own artist.

In late , after a series of trips to the ER and undergoing more GI testing than the average 24 year old, I had my gallbladder removed. In , I saw my GP for a few run of the mill ailments…weight gain rapid and excessive! I have never had a good reaction to medication so at that point he gave me Levothyroxine and Valium for vertigo. I mentioned diet but he brushed it off- I wish I knew then what I know now! At that point, I had tried weight watchers, vegetarian, vegan, low fat, no red meat, gluten free, soy free, and many in between. I was still in denial that fruits were carbs so my morning smoothie was a staple. I took my medication and slowly, over the years, those vitamins and medications built up. By my medicine cabinet looked more like an 85 year olds than a 29 year olds.

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Carnivore diet blood results and

My limited understanding is that despite his athletic status, the fact diet the higher BG levels themselves cause damage to tissue blood the carnivore insulin. HDL levels should be kept higher. Thanks Rob, this results has helped diet to understand a little better this very complicated subject. However my LDL-P was a whopping !! Blood vehemently disagree with this practice. By the time I saw him in MarchI had already lost about 15lbs since Carnivore weighed myself in Novemberbut only animal based for about 3 months at that point. Post-experiment lab testing. Of course I occasionally ate results and ordered pizzas. Nothing else. But it cannot be tell from one test.

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