Box of Zombies: Rise of the Dead Volumes 1-3 Donna Burgess


Published: March 4th 2014

Kindle Edition

71 pages


Box of Zombies: Rise of the Dead Volumes 1-3  by  Donna Burgess

Box of Zombies: Rise of the Dead Volumes 1-3 by Donna Burgess
March 4th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 71 pages | ISBN: | 4.50 Mb

Download all three together and save!For fans of hardcore horror/zombie gorefests such as Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 Corpses, Grindhouse’s Planet Terror and Walking Dead.˃˃˃ Biter: Volume 1 When Morgan and Savannah’s tire blows, they’re positive they’re going to be stuck forever in Shitkicker, Alabama. But along comes hunky Johnny, their knight-in-not-so-shining-primer, and their bad day takes a turn for the better.

Or so they think. The thing is, Johnny has a twin brother named Mikey, who’s starving for some fresh college chick flesh, and an inbred family set on making sure Mikey gets his dinner.Warning: Gory scenes and coarse language. Recommended for adults.˃˃˃ Dead Alive: Volume 2 They said the virus was just a rumor.Sam Clark just witnessed a living nightmare as his wife devoured their small daughter. Now, with nothing left to lose, he treks his way across a landscape of living dead, back to his childhood home, with the hopes of finding his parents alive.The Dead Alive, is Romero-inspired tale of zombies, love and survival, with a dash of sex, more than a pinch of gore, and a glaring of hungry cats on the prowl.˃˃˃ Dead Girl: Volume 3 Meet Audrey Scott.

She has it all. She’s the most popular girl at Lincoln High and dates Tommy Barker, the cutest boy in the senior class. She has a credit card with no limit, is head cheerleader and was probably going to be homecoming queen again this year”until she was bitten by a Deader. Worst part of it?

He ruined her best jeans.But that’s just the tip of the putrid iceberg. Now, Audrey is beginning to fester. She doesn’t smell very fresh. Her hair comes out, along with pieces of scalp. Her friends no longer want to hang out with her. Tommy has moved on to a new girl. And poor Audrey is suddenly wearing Depends and hanging with her lame younger sister, Cindy.The world isn’t like it was. Disease is in the air and people have become infected. The dead are no longer buried because they won’t stay put in their graves. They are sent out to big, green pastures with electric fences, where they remain until they rot away to nothing.**Incidentally, the misspellings in this blog-style short story are intentional.

Although I have no personal experience with the living dead, I have heard they are notoriously poor spellers.Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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